Multidisciplinary Care

If you are diagnosed with Breast Cancer your care will involve a range of treatments from a knowledgeable team of experts to give you the best possible outcome. They are managed under the Cabrini Multidisciplinary Breast Cancer Team.

This group includes Breast Surgeons, Breast Medical Oncologists (Cancer medicine doctors), Breast Radiation Oncologists (Radiotherapy Doctors), Breast Pathologists, Breast Radiologists, Breast Care Nurses, Psychooncologists and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeons.

Your Team

Practice Manager

Fiona Pattison

An integral part of the team, Fiona has been working with Sarah Kemp for 15 years, ensuring every patient is treated with kindness and care from the moment of referral. 


Steven Smith

Richard Ranger 

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon

William Blake 

Surgical assistants

Kaaren Binns

Cate Bills

Karina Stolyarsky 

What will happen?

Your first appointment

Your first appointment

You are welcome to bring someone to support you at your appointment.
Arrival at the clinic

Arrival at the clinic

Fiona will greet you on your arrival at reception. If you have not already completed your registration form you will complete one before attending your consultation with Sarah.


Your consultation will include a discussion of your breast symptoms and previous medical problems as well as your general health.
Your examination

Your examination

Sarah will then examine you.
Previous test results

Previous test results

Any tests you have had prior to your appointment will be reviewed.
Your personalised plan

Your personalised plan

These assessments will be discussed with you and a management plan will be formulated. This often involves additional tests.
Getting results

If any additional tests are required, we will also make an appointment for you to receive your test results face to face.

Surgical operations

If you require surgery, the procedure will be fully explained and any questions you may have will be answered. We will complete your hospital paperwork and consent form with you and book a time for your operation.


As this is not a Bulk-Billing practice, a payment is required in addition to the Medicare rebate. You will be notified of any costs at the time of booking your appointment.

If you are recommended to have surgery you will receive a quote when booking your procedure.